1. Cordial Miners: A Family of Simple, Efficient and Self-Contained Consensus Protocols for Every Eventuality

    • Idit Keidar, Oded Naor*, Ehud Shapiro

    • In submission

  1. Rethinking Block Storage Encryption with Virtual Disks

  1. On Payment Channels in Asynchronous Money Transfer Systems

  1. All You Need is DAG

  1. Byzantine Agreement with Less Communication: Recent Advances

  1. Expected Linear Round Synchronization: The Missing Link for Linear Byzantine SMR

  1. Cogsworth: Byzantine View Synchronization

  1. State machine replication in the Libra Blockchain

    • Mathieu Baudet, Avery Ching, Andrey Chursin, George Danezis, François Garillot, Zekun Li, Dahlia Malkhi, Oded Naor*, Dmitri Perelman, Alberto Sonnino

    • Tech Report, the first version of Libra's whitepaper (which changed its name to Diem)

  1. Teechain: A Secure Payment Network with Asynchronous Blockchain Access

* Names are in alphabetical order